Pastor Kirk James Langset

  • Batchelor of Arts Degree “History”
  • Western Michigan University: Spring, 2002

  • Master of Divinity
  • Trinity Lutheran Seminary: Spring, 2008

  • Ordained on: August 9th, 2008
  • Called to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Casco, MI: June 17th 2018

  • Pastor previously served congregations in Ohio and Western NY

​​​​​​​ Some personal faith beliefs:

  •  Jesus takes the journey with us in this life and into the next. In the times of joy, the times of sorrow, and everything in between the Lord is with us. We are all loved by God and saved daily by amazing grace.

  • It is not what we do that earns our salvation but what God does for us out of a place of love.  (see Romans 3:28)

  • The proclamation of the Gospel is most fully received through our actions. Faith, without works, is dead to this world. (see James 2:17)

  • God’s creation is one of beautiful diversity. When the many different hearts and minds of people work together, for the sake of creation, we become a reflection of the Kingdom of God.

  • Discrimination has no place in the Kingdom therefore should have no place in the church.

  • If it is good news for some people, but not for others, then it isn’t the Gospel.

  • The waters of Baptism, and the meal of Holy Communion, are open to all.  Jesus is truly present in the waters, the bread, and the wine.  These sacraments are for you.

  • Science and reason are blessings from God when the are used to learn, explore, understand, and improve the wellbeing of humanity/creation.