Pastor's Monthly Message

          What will your Star Gift be?

When we gather on Sunday, January 7th for our first worship services of the new year, we will celebrate Epiphany.  That’s when we honor the Christ child as a unique expression of God’s love for all people everywhere.  The Gospel will be story of the wise men from Matthew.  These wise ones traveled a great distance from the east to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem to pay their respects and bring gifts to the special king who was born in a stable.

This was before the day of reliable maps.  These men simply followed a star.  As one hymn tells us, it was a “star of wonder, star of light, star of royal beauty bright.” Another says it was “the brightest and best of the stars of the morning.”  Yet another claims that “this star, as bright as day, will never lead astray with its message so appealing.”  What was so special about this star?  It led people – as it does us -- to the only one who can save us.

Inspired by that star and that life-changing gift, we will try something new this year.  (In some congregations, it has become a yearly tradition.)  Before the Message, we will each be given an opportunity to randomly select a paper star with a word typed on it.  (No peeking while you pick.)  That star will be your Star Gift for the year.  Everyone will get a different word.  It could be a word like “faith,” “silence,” “time,” or “perseverance.” There will be special Star Gifts for children too.

Everyone who receives a Star Gift will be encouraged to take it home and hang it where they will be sure to see it every day.  You might put yours on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator, or next to the computer screen, or on the back door.  In the same way that the first star led the wise men to God’s presence, our Star Gifts will be opportunities to follow the inspiration of a special word. 

Please join us for our celebration of Epiphany on January 7th and begin a new year with a Star Gift.  Who knows where it might lead you?

Marked for a star-led journey to Christ,

Pr. Kristen